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  • Make a Quilted Tote Bag


    Every Thursday 6:00pm-8:00pm

    Learn to make a quilted tote bag! Pick from our extensive collection of printed and solid cotton fabrics to put together a bag that is truly unique and one of a kind. Learn how to sew using a sewing machine, press seams open with an iron, insert a lining into a bag, sew straps for the bag, and make a reversible bag.
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  • Making Clothes is Fun – Teens (6 Weeks – 2 Hrs)

    Making Clothes is Fun is a 6 week course for teenagers. Fundamental skills and techniques will be covered including:
      • Overview of different types of sewing
      • Introduction to essential sewing tools and materials
      • Different types of fabrics and their characteristics (cotton, polyester, denim, etc.)
      • How to choose appropriate fabric for different projects
      • Threading a needle and tying knots
      • Basic stitches (running stitch, backstitch, whipstitch, etc.)
      • Introduction to the sewing machine (parts and functions)
      • Practice sewing straight lines and curves on scrap fabrics
      • Introduction to reading sewing patterns
      • Basic pattern alterations (lengthening, shortening, adjusting fit)
      • Proper use and handling of sewing tools and equipment
      • Safe practices when using sewing machines
    Mondays 4:00pm - 6:00pm or Saturdays 2:30pm - 4:30 pm ******* Register now for multiple courses and save! Sign up for 2 courses and get 15% Off or 3 courses and get 20% Off the total! Discount applied at checkout. *Students need to be registered at least 3 days in advance of class.
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  • Pattern Making for Teens (6 Weeks – 2 Hrs/Wk)

    Pattern Making for Teens is a 6 week course: Saturdays 12:00pm-2:00pm Select the session for which you would like to register your child. *Students need to be registered at least 3 days in advance of class.
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  • School Holiday Fashion Workshop – Teens (1 Day)

    Our School Holiday Fashion Workshop is a one-day camp for teenagers that runs from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on select school holidays. Choose the days you'd like to register your teen for. Registrations for Winter Break, Spring Break and Holiday Recess dates are under their own category.
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  • Teens Summer Fashion Workshop (Ages 13-17) – 1 Week


    Only Full Day Camps Available for Teens 10am-3pm

    *Week of Monday, July 1st - Wednesday, July 3rd is a 3 day camp week. The price is adjusted at checkout.

    Register for 2 or more weeks and get 10% off the total. Discount applied at checkout.

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  • Winter Break Fashion Camp (1 Day) – Teens


    Our Winter Fashion Camp is a 1 day camp running from February 19-23rd, 2024 10am-3pm.

    *Students need to be registered at least 3 days in advance of class.
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  • Winter Break Fashion Workshop – Teens (1 Week)


    Winter Break Fashion Camp is a 1 week course held from Monday-Friday 10am-3pm during the school winter break – February 19-23rd, 2024.

    *Students need to be registered at least 3 days in advance of class.
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