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Having Queries Related to Sewing and Fashion Designing?

                                                                                                      Following frequently asked question answers can help you!

How to learn sewing quickly?

Sewing is like crafting, that takes time and practice to master. Especially when you don’t have the time to go to any workshops or really don’t know anyone with any sewing skills, then learning from the best courses available online is worthy. This online course will teach you from the basic sewing patterns or we can say all the tricks and tips you require to make garments.

One of the easiest & fastest ways to learn sewing is by committing to a project & finding ways of solving the problems. The problems that come in front of you need to be resolved as soon as possible and for that you may take help from your online classes, or other videos available online.

Basic things you need for sewing?

When it comes to sewing the very first thing comes to mind is from where to start. There are many useful things you should have in your sewing kit as a beginner, it allows you to breeze through your first craft or fashion project.

Here is the list of some essentials that you can keep in your sewing kit.


Seam rippers: This seam ripper tool is a must for beginners. Just in case if you made an error in your stitching, simply unpick them away with the help of it & start again.

Fabric scissors: Specially designed to cut all types of fabric, choose the one with sharp blades, ideal for sewing specialists.

Embroidery accessories: A pair of embroidery scissors to cut your sewing thread or multiply embroidery thread. It’s clear-cut long pointy tips enable you to snip threads in very tight areas, and still get distinct without fray.

Measuring tape: One of the most important things is measuring tape, because measuring your fabric is one of the most important things you can do to ensure the success of your project.

Chalk or washable markers: Just to indicate where to cut or mapping out your sewing lines using chalk or washable markers is the best option. Because using a regular pen can damage your fabric.

Needles: Even if you are sewing with a machine all you need is a hand needle plus extra machine needles, just in case one breaks.
Thread, extra robbins, cutting mat, pinking scissors all are other things that you can add into your sewing kit.

How long does it take to learn sewing?

Learn to sew normally or we can say basic sewing is easy and takes less time in comparison. But if you want to level up your skills, then it takes time. You must have heard that “practice makes a man perfect”, & there are a lot of things you will need to know. From reading patterns, to properly cutting specific fabric, & many more. It’s always best to start with small projects in the beginning, and later on moving towards new bigger ones.


Learning something new totally depends on you. Your dedication, willingness to meet new challenges, & how often you work on it. Once you learn to sew straight lines you can design clothes pretty easily.

Can I learn sewing Online?

Yes! You can learn sewing online, in fact it is one the easiest methods I can say. When you enter into the world of online sewing and tailoring, you will learn from the basics to experts tips & techniques of sewing in order to create fabulous garments.


An online sewing class not only makes you learn to sew easily but also prevents sewing machine frustration. At House Of Dezign we provide you a complete guide on sewing machines and when you know about the parts of a sewing machine, it helps you communicate and understand how things work. The concept is simple: you can watch, learn and sew on your own. Whenever you start doing it yourself just think a sewing teacher is there by your side at all times.

How to learn fashion designing at home?

Due to the lack of opportunity for full-time education or training, people fail to learn designing. But now you can learn fashion designing courses online by staying at home only and follow some important steps for an incredible life-long career. It is up to you to decide upon the area of fashion that you would like to focus primarily and stick to it.

Things you need to focus on:


1. Study About Fashion Designing: The more you learn & understand about the industry, the better chances of becoming a part of it will appear.

2. Develop Your Skills: Maybe you are best at sewing, still you need to utilize your time to continually brush up your skills. Refine and develop your practical design skills to a more professional level.

3. Focus On Your Efforts: You need to brush up the area of fashion design that appeals to you most and suits your vision. Decide on the area of fashion designing you’d like to focus on primarily and do precisely that.

4. Build Your Brand: The stronger brand value, the stronger your online presence. Be active on social media and make your voice heard & the value of a solid online portfolio speaks for itself.

Is fashion designing course easy?

We can’t say that a fashion designing course is tough or easy, it totally depends on a person’s mindset. To a person, who has an interest in fashion designing and enjoys this field, this course brightens up their skills & they feel that it is an easy course. On the other hand, for the ones who are not interested in this field but are doing this course under pressure they feel it’s tough.

Is fashion designing a good career option?

Fashion designing is one of the most fulfilling career options for a creative person, especially when you love sketching garments, working with fabrics, & trimmings. It is both fun and challenging job at the same time. We all know that the fashion industry is very competitive, and only the best fashion design will make it. You will get a large no. of opportunities to learn something new & exciting about the advancement of the fashion industry.
Not only that, after completing your fashion designing course, you can explore several other career options if you don’t want to design clothes. You can choose to be a fashion journalist, a fashion stylist, a fashion blogger, a fashion photographer, and so on.

Is it necessary for my child to have prior sewing knowlegde before enrolling in a class?

It is not necessary to have any prior sewing knowledge before joining the sewing and fashion designing class. Generally, all sewing classes have sewing basics sessions for students.

How can a beginner become a fashion designer?

Starting is the most difficult task to do. At the beginning of the fashion industry, you need to know the basics of fashion design. You can join any well-known fashion designing course. Here are the simple steps that you should follow:


  • Get to know the basics of the fashion industry
  • Teach yourself the fundamentals by online or offline course
  • Make your own creations and get feedback from experts
  • Create a portfolio and share it on social media


Follow these steps in the beginning of your fashion designing career and you will surely become a good fashion designer.

Can I get into fashion school with no experience?

It’s no secret that fashion internships are one of the best ways to enter the industry without any experience. If you have a dream business that you would love to work in someday, starting as an intern in one of their branches is a perfect way to achieve it. You have to learn the basics of fashion design and know the fundamentals of it because without any knowledge you are not able to do any task in this industry. If you want to get experience, you can join offline or online fashion courses with certificate that help you to learn lots of things about fashion design.

Is Sewing Important In Fashion Designing?

It is an important component of fashion design in order to become a good fashion designer. It concentrates on the style or cut of the clothing, which is tailored to the body’s fit and proportions.  It will assist you in producing billions of outfits in a unique style and turn your imagination into reality.

What should a beginner fashion designer do?

Fashion designing is mostly concerned with clothing and accessories. As a result there will be a lot of sewing. Beginners would have to work on different fabrics and clothes. If you already know about the material, then it will help to understand which type of thread, design and stitching look good.

There are some things that a new fashion designer should keep in mind.

  1. Gain knowledge about the fashion sector.
  2. Get enrolled in a fashion designing course.
  3. Look for sources of inspiration.
  4. Create a visual representation of your ideas
  5. Assemble your patterns and sew them together.
  6. Make your design one-of-a-kind.