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Fashion Classes: A Fun STEM Activity for Kids 6 -17 Years

By JP Mathews

Enroll your child in fashion design classes — an activity that’s fun, rewarding, builds self-esteem, and integrates real-world scientific, technologic, engineering, and mathematic (STEM) skills!
House of Dezign offers fashion classes that encourage children and teens to explore STEM skills while creating their very own fashion designs!

STEM: Effective Mind-on, Hands-on Learning and Valuable Lifelong Skills

STEM is a new learning approach that draws upon and combines scientific, technologic, engineering, and mathematic skills to foster creative, critical, and flexible thinking.

Many secondary schools, colleges, universities, and employers today seek students / employees with STEM skills.

The National Science Foundation suggests STEM skills have become essential for developing scientific innovations, technologic innovations, novel processes, and new products that are essential to sustaining the growth, stability, success, and survival of our globalized, knowledge-based economy.

STEM education cultivates critical thinkers, increases scientific literacy, and develops next-generation innovators.

With the rapid growth of STEM-related occupations, experiences like fashion classes can enhance your child’s competitive edge for career success. In the meantime, STEM skills can help your child succeed in school.

STEM education provides skills for understanding many concepts that are useful in a wide range of industries.

Fashion classes build STEM skills, including experience with:

  • A scientific approach to fashion design that utilizes a thoughtful, methodical, planning, and problem-solving approach with steps of the scientific method, including:
    • Observing
    • Asking questions
    • Proposing solutions (making hypotheses) for fitting garments, measuring, and resolving problems with fabrics and materials
    • Making predictions
    • Testing predictions
    • Repeating design and sewing processes / techniques for consistent results
  • Digital technologies for designing fashions
  • Engineering perspectives through use of the sewing machine, design tools, and varied materials
  • Mathematics, including measuring and geometry when making patterns, fitting garments, and altering designs

Fashion Classes for Children and Teens

House of Dezign Kids’ and Teen fashion classes are offered year around for children ages 6 to 12 and 13 to 17. During summer, your child or teen can enroll in a full-day 9 AM to 3 PM program. Children ages 6 to 12 also may opt for a half-day, 9 AM to noon program.

Designed to unlock and inspire the creativity of young minds, your child or teen will learn to:

Fashion classes will encourage your child to combine STEM skills for solving design problems, creating their own unique fashion designs, and developing skills they can transition to achieve many intellectual and practical goals.

Click here or call 973-908-3575 today to learn more about and enroll your child or teen in House of Dezign fashion classes!