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A Guide To Select The "Right" Sewing Machine For You

A sewing machine is used to sew together the pieces of fabric with a needle and thread. If you are new to sewing or if you lack stitching experience, choosing a sewing machine could be an enormous task. I’m guessing that if you’re reading this article, you’ll probably be in the same class. Well no problem, we will provide you with a guide that will facilitate you while choosing the right sewing machine.

Before you make a decision on buying any sewing machine, it is suggested to try the machine out with different varieties of fabric. Make sure that it sews your fabric according to your expectations. Doing that, you will be able to know how it sounds, feels, and stitches before you buy it. Here are some basic terms that you should consider while choosing them.

1. Check Its Variable Sewing Width and Duration


The sew width is the length of each stitch sewn with your sewing machine. Selecting a variable sewing-width, the machine will permit you to customize the period and width of each stitch.

2. Consider Its Needle Down Feature


The Needle down function works like an extra hand. It sets your hand free so that you can guide the fabric while stitching.

3. See For Auxiliary Spool Pin


An auxiliary spool pin is an important factor when you need another spool for double needle sewing or bobbin winding.

4. An Awesome Stretch Sew For Sewing Knits


Knit fabric is stretchable and we want the stitches to take a seat flat on its surface. This feature is helpful when stitching with kints.

5. Look For Its Capacity To Alter The Presser Foot Stress


Not all fabrics can be fed through the sewing machine with normal pressure. Considering its capacity to alter the stress can improve the quality of your sewing.

Types Of Sewing Machines And Which One To Choose When

If you want to choose a sewing machine for beginners, there are no special requirements. Essentially, sewing machines are labeled primarily based on their capability. Sewing machines are categorized depending on their features like stitching, quilting, and embroidery. We have classified the stitching machines into five categories:

Domestic Sewing Machine

A domestic machine is a simple sewing machine with less advanced functions and few patterns of stitches. This machine is also known as a manual machine as the basic settings are done manually by the user. This machine is suitable for beginners who want to learn sewing from fundamentals. As it is used commonly, it is available easily in the market and for online purchases.

Electronic Sewing Machine

It is a popular digital stitching gadget. An electronic stitching machine has greater features than a domestic stitching machine. Also maintaining this machine is less pricey. This stitching machine is a mixture of a mechanical stitching system and an automatic sewing machine. Nowadays we are becoming crazy about the things done by ourselves and this electronic sewing machine is very beneficial for self-made decorative crafting.

Computerized Sewing Machine

This type of machine is now being used widely. It can be connected to the internet, your personal computer, or design-loaded cards. It can work very rapidly and is considered a heavy-duty machine. In addition to sewing, some computer machines can also act as computerized embroidery machines to make complex patterns on fabrics. This form of sewing machine can have the unique feature of autopilot stitching mode.

Embroidery sewing machine

This sewing machine is specially designed for machine embroidery. It does not do the work of a regular sewing machine. You can use this machine commercially for product branding, advertising, and uniform decoration. It is also used to decorate clothes in the fashion industry. Commonly digital stitching machines may be used for embroidering, and an embroidering presser foot may be connected to its system. This machine can be costlier than a mechanical sewing machine.

Overlock Sewing Machine

An overlock stitch is a stitch that is sewn on the edge of one or two pieces of fabric to form bold edges. Usually, the overlock machine cuts the edges of the fabric while passing through it. Overlock machines are available in three different models. The overlock sewing machine is significantly faster than normal sewing machines. Talking about the stretching capabilities, an overlock sewing machine can create a stitch pattern that allows an amazing amount of stretch. Therefore, you can go with this option if you are connecting stretchable fabrics.


It takes dedication to truly get familiar with your sewing machine. The extra you find out about the way it works, the simpler it will be to troubleshoot its problems. And in case you maintain your gadget walking smoothly, you may be able to sew all the projects you choose in your sewing masterclass. We are hoping that this publication will help you to select the right sewing machine for you that can provide you the years of robust service.

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